Retreat Temporarily Delayed

Retreat Temporarily Delayed
Photo by Hannah Busing / Unsplash

I have been waiting to sending this news, as part of me is disappointed that I haven't managed to organise the next one at the end of August as previously announced. But I feel I have to face it righ now. This is a temporary setback.

I have been looking for venues for the next retreat, mostly in the South of France. Of course there are plenty, but maybe not enough that fit my criteria:

  • A place with lots of nature around;
  • With enough bedrooms and beds to accommodate at least seven people in individual bedrooms or a bit more if they are ok to share;
  • With a comfortable and inspiring common space for collective sessions;
  • With a fully equiped (and separate) kitchen to allow for our vegan caterer to work her magic;
  • No more than one hour away from an international airport to allow for my foreign visitors to join;
  • With a reasonable budget... Many places in South of France rent out for weddings for an exorbitant price;
  • Available on dates announced (24-27 August) or the following weekend; I've been looking at many other dates but my other work constraints made it too difficult.

So I've decided not to add too much pressure to myself, and risk disappointing the people who had already shown interest in participating.

If you know a place and would like to help me organise the next retreat then let's talk! In the meantime, I'm aiming to organise the next one in 2024.