Friday Introspection Prompt #4

Friday Introspection Prompt #4
Photo by Annerose Walz / Unsplash

Yesterday I went to check on our veggie garden after a week away and no rain. Many plantations did not survive 😢 Out of the 16 courgette plants I grew from seed in my house and transplanted in the garden, only three survived. The others were either eaten by bugs or did not like the weather. Out of the 15 pumpkin seeds planted directly in the soil none came out and from the ones I started at home I could only transplant three which did not make it either. Very sad.

I share these results because it is our tendency to measure everything. We rate our pleasure and appreciation of a book, a film or any cultural entertainment. We measure our performance at work via our KPIs. We calcultae our worth based on the number of likes on our social media. And like everyone, I've been measuring the results of my efforts in the garden by looking at the successful growth of plants, and the size of crops I would get. So you can imagine that at the moment my hobby by these standards is far from being "worth my time". Or is it?

Last year I nearly gave up the garden as I did not get much at all in term of crop, mostly due to some bad weather but also lack of attention on my part. This year I am bringing more attention to it, but also started to focus on the enjoyment of being outside in the garden, the process of nurturing plants, the satisfaction of removing weeds, and the enjoyment of little things like the potential of strawberries (they usually feed the slugs more than me 🤣) and eating raw peas from the plant.

My introspection prompt for this week is:

"What do you usually measure in your life and is it bringing you joy or frustration? How could you revisit this to feel less pressured?"

And here is #WalkTalk number 6 about "pretty things".

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