Friday Introspection Prompt #27

Friday Introspection Prompt #27
Photo by Guilherme Stecanella / Unsplash

Yesterday, as I was packing boxes to prepare for the move back to France, I got a sense of overwhelm. They say moving is number one cause of stress, I believe it. And a friend sent me a message saying “there is always more than we think and not enough boxes”. Anyway, it was not the packing that overwhelmed me, I like packing stuff, it was the big unknown.

Many questions were popping into my mind about the future of work, the impact of the move, what would change, will I be successful, can I try new activities? Etc. etc. That is far from being an exhaustive list. Seeing myself going round in circles in my head and working myself up. I stopped everything and got my journal out.

I started writing all these questions down, thinking if they are written, maybe then I can find answers to each one in a rational way.

But something else happened. Instead of trying to answer the questions, I naturally took a meta perspectives on my questions and saw a pattern in my line of questioning, I could read on the paper the fear I had in certain areas of my life, and something shifted. The mere acknowledgement of fear allowed me to move on and change to a different mindset somehow. And I heard in my mind (which I also wrote down on paper): “Let’s focus on what I want to create and not what I don’t know”.

So on the next page of my notebook, I started writing what I wished to create, and it came so easily. It gave me such a boost of love and light about myself and my life, that I just ended that page with a “thank you” and a heart ❤.

My introspection prompt for you is hence:

In what area of your life have you recently felt overwhelm or frustration or stuckness? What other perspective could you take to feel more empowered, light and at ease about it?

As a bonus, I’d like to share my latest art project, representing the feminine energies in my life. For more on my “art” side follow me on FB and instagram under Amelie Grace Akatetsu.