Friday Introspection Prompt #30

Friday Introspection Prompt #30
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

I’m taking a break. After a few months of preparation, I’m moving back to the South of France and decided to “hibernate” for a few weeks to recover from emotional roller coaster. With this post, I am encouraging you to find your own way to rest and recover from this year, maybe find pockets of time to sit and reflect or simply relax doing nothing, going for a walk in nature, enjoying a hot drink by the fire (or the radiator) looking at the wind in the trees. I will disconnect from most social media, especially Linkedin. I might share some art on my artist’s profile on FB and insta, but that will depend on my inspiration.

The winter season is a perfect time for introspection but not necessarily new year resolutions. I believe these resolutions should come later, in spring when our bodies and energy levels are more aligned with decisive actions and we‘ve had time to properly take stock of the year past. So let’s enjoy winter, its cosiness, and slow time.

I encourage the readers of “Unmasked, Loved and Empowered” to pick a story at random and be with that for a while, write down whatever comes to mind. Or you can also go back to a story you’ve read before and re-discover what you wrote then, is it still valid, what has changed since the moment you wrote it? Or put the book to the side and let your mind wander with the wind, the trees, the clouds, rain and snow, or anything that creates space for you to roam freely away from obligations and social pressures.

I look forward to connecting back with you in the new year, wishing you all a beautiful festive and introspective season.

I leave you with one of my shamanic art pieces… let yourself get lost into your own rabbit hole, knowing the world will still be there when you get back!