Friday Introspection Prompt #14

Friday Introspection Prompt #14
Photo by William Flynn / Unsplash

As I took a long walk in the forest this morning, I met the beautiful wooly cows that freely graze there. I was surprised to see them so early on the path, so close to the entrance. Usually they roam away from paths or in large wild areas that people are forbidden to visit. Then I remembered that for about a month no people must have visited this woodland as after the huge storm that happened on 5th July, many (many) trees have fallen. The sign at the entrance did say "enter at your own risk", the main paths had been cleared but there was still risks of falling branches.

So the cows must have enjoyed a lot more of the park than usual, free and undisturbed, they were visiting parts near the gates that were in the shade on this hot day. Does this remind you of the various Covid lockdowns, when nature was reclaiming streets, roads and other usually people filled areas?

This reminder triggered my introspection as I was walking, about what is my nature? When I'm free of social obligations, professional burdens, family tasks, or personally imposed todo's, what is my natural tendency? A bit like when you are on holidays after the first few days (or more depending on your need) of rest and recovery, once you feel refreshed and have no todo's what do your heart, body and soul desire?

For me a walk in a forest communing with nature was a first answer, but then many other things came to mind like drawing, dancing, making things just because I enjoy the process like baking a cake or sewing a skirt. Other desires emerged around connecting with people, like having deep meaningful conversations with friends or even strangers, reading tarot or oracle cards and diving into philosophical, esoteric or psychological rabbit holes. These things that put me in a state of flow, that make me forget about time, that re-energize me and make me feel in awe with being alive.

So here is your introspection prompt for this week:

When free of social obligations, what is your nature yearning for? How can you include more of that in your routine?