The Book Journey

The book story so far ⤵️

Here are the articles that were published on LinkedIn to describe the book journey, from the idea of a book to receiving the printed books. It includes the meeting of my book mentor; the writing process; the transformation of the book into a notebook and the design choices; the printing process with material choices; some deeper topics like the importance of slow reading and the prompts for introspection.

1. Book Title

2. Failure to Start

3. Book Mentor

4. Twenty Seven Stories

5. My First Readers

6. Keeping my authentic voice

7. This is not a Book

8. Meaningful Design

9. Delays and Priorities

10. Learning Together

11. More Than Words

12. Guided Introspection

13. Reading Buddies

14. It’s Getting Real

15. Press Print

16. First Touch

17. Under Press

18. #SlowReading

19. Joining This Group

20. Birth of a Book

21. Nothing to Report

22. Introspection Triggers

23. Wooooooowwwww